Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Peaches & cream OOTD

Hello love bugs!

I got out into the sunshine yesterday to take outfit photos, which was lovely! You can't beat the wind in your hair (or up my dress, in this case!) and soft grass underfoot.

This dress is a couple of years old. I bought it from New Look Inspire before my honeymoon in 2012. It's wasn't very 'me' then as I didn't really do cutesy (it has little white hearts on it) but it has grown on me a lot since then.

This cardi is really lovely, it has fine gold thread running through it. It was originally from Catherine's in the US but I snagged it for a fiver from Just For Five Pounds.

Have an out take. Not just my dopey face, but the wind up my noo na!

Gold cardi, Just For Five Pounds
Name necklace, Extreme Largeness
Dress, New Look Inspire
Leggings, Yours
Bag, Primark
Gold shoes, Matalan last year

As you can probably tell I'm recycling a lot of older items to try to stop me spending money on new things. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My strategies for spending less money

Hello lovelies.

Since I've been blogging and blog reading I've never spent so much money and it has got to the point where even I, patron saint of materialistic ho-bags says 'Enough!' I'm constantly tempted by beautiful things on blogs and unless I want a kick up the arse from my hubby I need to sort it out and pronto. I've come up with a few strategies to help me be less tempted.

  1. Ask myself do I NEED it? A lot of the time I think I need something, like a 10th red lippie, but no, I don't NEED it, I just want it.
  2. Ask myself  will I use it? If it's a multiple of something I've already got, probably not!
  3. Ask myself have I got something similar? If so, leave it.
  4. Ask myself can it wait or will it sell out? If it'll be there in a week or two, leave it for now. If it's sale or limited edition & having answered the first 3 questions with yes, I might go ahead.
  5. Avoid wishlist posts. I end up wishing, which turns into buying.
  6. Avoid haul posts. They trigger me to spend.
  7. Avoid online shopping late at night, which is my trigger time.
  8. Avoid impulse shopping. If I still want something as badly a few days later then I might consider a purchase.
  9. Think of what I can do with the money I don't spend. Save it, buy something nice for the flat, spoil someone else.
  10. Remind myself I can't have everything and it's silly to want to.
  11. Remind myself I'm running out of room.
  12. Remind myself a childhood of poverty needn't mean I buy errrrthang to prove to myself I'm no longer poor.
  13. Remind myself that purchases never cheer me up for long.
  14. Make a deal that for whatever I bring into the house, one item has to go to charity.
  15. Do online shopping hit and runs. I fill up my basket with goodies then close the page. I think the thought of spending money is sometimes nearly as good as the real thing.  
What are your tips for avoiding spending? 

Thanks for reading.

I Feel Good

Hiya honey buns!

I mistyped the title as 'I feed good.' Hahaha.

"You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped? This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today".

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful."

When it came to this month's challenge, there was only one photo I could think of to include.

This is the one photo I've had back from Curvissa (apart from a group shot) and it makes me smile just thinking about that day. :)

Oh CRAPBALLS, I forgot to link the other ladies again. My apologies!


Thanks for reading, and I hope YOU feel good today!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Cut for Evans skirt


I loved the knitwear items in the Cut collection by Evans, and got the skirt when it went down to £15 in the sale. The Cut collection comprises of two ranges designed by fashion students, a bold 'skyscraper' print collection of knitwear, and some seriously eye-dazzling almost tie dye patterned brights.

Students from Bournemouth and Kingston Universities, known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, entered the competition to see their designs launched online and at Evans' flagship store.

The collection showcases Alice Farrow's contemporary and bold prints and Rebecca Partington's fun and unique knitwear pieces.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some pattern mixing today.

I bought a size 22/24, which is rather on the tight side. In hindsight I could've done with a 26/28, so let's hope this is knitwear that gets looser in the wash rather than the kind that shrinks, or I'll end up with a pretty belt. Hehe.

I'm really sorry, I've done it again. Everything in this post is old or now unavailable. The only Cut lines left are these (with some random other items with 'cut' in the title as well - the actual link on Evans for Cut doesn't give you all the items available.)

As you can see, the skirt is black round the back and sides. I absolutely adore the pattern and colours. 

I need a hair cut, STAT!

Necklace, Bluebirds and Daisies
Cardigan, ancient Simply Be
Top, old Evans
Skirt, Evans - now sold out
Shoes, old Evans

Now the sunny weather is here I'm feeling the need to go outside and take outfit photos more often, which means I'll be going out alone with my tripod. I'm rather concerned that people will think I'm bananas and/or up myself. If I'm getting bored of looking at myself in front of those windows, I'm sure you are too! :)

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

This or that featuring Yours Clothing

Hello lovelies!

I'm a really lucky girl and I won two giveaways from Yours Clothing hosted by the glorious Betty from Pamper and Curves and What Laura Loves. I'm utterly thrilled and it means I have a voucher for £40 to spend with Yours - which is never a chore as I hang out of the website like it's my job. ;)

However, I am stuck between two gorgeous plus size summer dresses and wanted your thoughts on them.

Clicky clickums to enlarge!

I'm caught between this gorgeous midi dress

and this beautiful maxi dress. They're both £35, both in my size and both utterly beaut. 

As you can see they're similar in some ways - pink blooms on black, and that's why I'm finding it hard to choose. I've seen the maxi dress on the gorge Nancy but I haven't seen the midi dress on anyone yet. I don't have a specific occasion in mind for either dress, which is a bit of a bind as if I did it might help me narrow down the choice.

I love the crochet detail at the bust on the maxi dress, and I adore the print on the midi dress, so I'm utterly at a loss. I wear maxi dresses a lot in summertime rather than any other time of year and I *could* wear a midi dress all year round, but I think the gorgeous print on the midi evokes summer so that would naturally be something I'd be drawn to more in the sunny months than in the depths of winter. I'm not helping myself, am I?! Before I tie myself totally in knots, tell me which one you'd plump for and why.

Midi or maxi?! Or both? (Who said that?! Hahaha.)