Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Who stole my sunshine?

I haven't blogged in a while as I've been feeling rather down. I'm not sure if anyone reads this, so I guess I'm talking to myself when I say I've got a lot to blog about once I have my mojo back. I'll see you when I've found it.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Pain - A Lance Armstrong quote

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Lance Armstrong.

I'm taking this with me. I need it right now. I'm wondering when my test will be over? Surely it is a test? I guess life is one big test. It's not the test I mind, it's the pain. There's been a lot of it recently. I'm doing OK, it's just a worry when my health impinges on my finances. Tomorrow will be another day off work.

Tomorrow is another day, and I'll meet it with a smile.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lush Gorilla perfume sample review

I bought a set of 7 Lush Gorilla Perfume samples for £7 a few days ago and wanted to review them. I'm a massive fan of Lush and have to curb my impulses to buy everything they sell and settle for about 4 purchases a year. I really like perfume, as like every other woman on the planet I like to smell nice, and the chance to try out a lot of new perfumes in one go was irresistible!

I'm already familiar with Vanillary as I've been using the solid perfume for a year or so. The other 6 scents in the set are Imogen Rose, Karma, Lust, Orange Blossom, The Smell of Freedom and Tuca Tuca. I'm not going to refer to Lush descriptions of these scents in any way, as I don't want to be influenced, so much so that I didn't read anything about them before my purchase. I'll be as interested as anyone else to see what Lush have to say about these scents to see if we agree!


In the bottle it smells green and woody - almost masculine - with a top note of something sweet. It warms on the skin to something much lighter, almost citrusy, perhaps vanillary, but still slightly green. The sweetness is something I can't place, but isn't over-powering, and I think this would be a great choice for a woman who wants to smell feminine but who doesn't want to be overly girly. I've surprised myself by liking it, as I'm usually as subtle as a brick and like scents to match. I will be buying this. I think this is my favourite.

I missed the 'sweet' part in this, failing to notice it was rose. D'oh! The clue's in the title. It's probably because every 'rose' perfume I'd smelled before smelled like cat wee, but this uses loads of rose absolut, and the orris root adds the hint of baby-powder to it which really softens it. I have the big bottle (£42!!) on my Christmas list and my solid perfume version came today. This has succeeded Hypnotic Poison as my all-time favourite perfume. I just can't get enough!


I know Karma is a scent that Lush is famous for but I've never tried it. In the bottle it smells very orangey but there's something musky in there too, almost like incense. It warms to something you can't press your nose into hard enough, and to me it's reminiscent of mulled mine in an incense-filled room. This is a scent who can't help but like. It evokes warmth - Christmas and baking. People around you will smile but not know why. I will be buying this.


In the bottle it's a very heady, sensual scent with a sharp top note, but there's nothing I can place so I'm guessing these are florals. Warmed, it's less distinct than the other two I've tried so far, but I don't think that's a failing, I just think it's so many things blended it's hard to pull any one thing out. It's certainly pleasant, and lives up to its name. This would be one to put on before a night out hoping to pull. Warm, woody, sensual - it's a winner.  Put this in the nape of your neck to have men nuzzle into you!


In the bottle, yes there are oranges, but it's not as citrusy as you may expect. There's a lot of wood in here when smelled from the bottle. Warmed, it's much the same. Imagine being in an orchard and being able to smell the wood, the leaves and the oranges all at the same time and you'll have cracked it. Although nice, this one doesn't pack as much of a punch for me as the others, so this would be great for girls who want a warm, subtle citrus-wood scent.


What does freedom smell like?! We're about to find out. In the bottle it smells of lemon, perhaps the zing of mint, with a musky top note. This reminds me of 2 weeks in Corfu in 1995 when we picked lemons from gardens and ate feta sprinkled with the juice. There's something so familiar about this I just can't place. It's a very pleasant, light and refreshing scent which hints at summer in soft-top cars with the wind in your hair. I would suggest smelling this when lacking in energy, as it's an instant pick-me-up. Gorgeous. I will be buying this.


My first impression on smelling from the bottle was a big 'Mmmmmmm' then sheer panic as I realised I had no way to describe it. I came to this: woody, musky, with a top note of something floral like lavender or violet. It kind of reminds me of a violet perfume my mum had when I was a child, but much, much nicer. It's heady, but the woody, musky, creamy vanilla notes bring it down from being an old lady perfume to something we could all wear. This will take people back to their childhoods without knowing why. This is a showstopper of a scent for girls who couldn't give a stuff what anyone else thinks. It simply gets better the longer it's on the skin. I will be buying this.


In the bottle it smells of creamy vanilla with a sharp top note. As it warms it evokes caramel and honey, then the vanilla opens up accompanied by a musky note. This isn't your usual sickly-sweet unpalatable 'little girl' vanilla. It's less ice cream parlour, more burlesque performer. It's little vanilla's grown up, worldly-wise older sister. It's still sweet and comforting, without being too much. I'm biased, because I do have a penchant for vanillary scents (Hypnotic Poison is my favourite scent ever) but I think almost anyone could wear this.

Vanillary's lid came off at some point and it leaked all over the brown bag in transit (as you can see in the top right corner) but as I'm already familiar with it I'm not too bothered.

Thanks for reading my little thoughts on these perfumes. 

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Busy bee

Hello all!

I've had a busy several days, hence lack of posts.

Friday was a hat kinda day. I went into down powered by freeze spray and Ibuprofen, had a nice lunch, walked at least 4 miles, and bought a pirate's tricorn hat and a straw cowboy hat. Pics-a-comin' for both of those. In fact I need to upload a lot of pics if I'm to stick to my 'Photograph everything I buy' ethos to make me realise how lucky I am. I know how lucky I am, I just need reminding on occasion ;)

On Saturday the weather was grey and abysmal and so were mine and J's moods, but by about 3pm the skies had brightened and we went to Rye, which is about half an hour's drive away from us. It is a beautiful historic town and I took almost 200 photos.

On Sunday we went to Battle, another historic town nearby. I've yet to sort out those photos though so I'll post those tomorrow.

Yesterday was hell on wheels, but lots of fun! I had an 11 am hair appointment (a razor-cut choppy kinda vintage Joan Jett 'do - photos to follow), a 1.30 lunch meet with a good friend an hour away, a 2 hour hypnotherapy session starting at 3.30 (thankfully in the same town) and an evening wedding reception some 25 miles away from home. Hypnotherapy ran over, so by the time I'd spent another hour on the train home I had to have J pick me up directly from the station and we left for the wedding reception with no time for a meal or a change of clothes for me. Thankfully I was already dressed in a dress, excuse the pun! It was lovely to see Justin again after so long (we were work colleagues a number of years ago) and to meet his good wife, who's a wee belter and had a mile-wide grin the entire time we were there. I managed to avoid the tempting food there - a sure sign the hypnotherapy has made changes - and came home to eat a couple of boiled eggs and a few rashers of bacon. Most unlike me, I must say! I have indulged myself with a couple of treats today, but rather than feeling food controls me, I feel like it's a choice I've made and I'm still totally in control. I can't help but think there are only good things to come from hypnotherapy.

Thanks for reading!