Saturday, 25 September 2010

(Mostly) Simply Be Wishlist

I'm not sure if it's just because I'm menstrual, and therefore in a pissy mood, but I've been online for the last couple of days trying to treat myself to something, but I'm not seeing much I like. I've looked at Evans, New Look Inspire, Dorothy Perkins, ASOS Curve, Yours and Simply Be. Simply Be and Evans are the only places I've actually seen anything I even vaguely want to buy. I've always been a bit of a tomboy but I'm REALLY into knee length dresses and cute motif cardigans at the moment, but I'm not seeing much that falls into that category. It might be that I'm just being too picky. The only cardigan I've seen that I like is the Beth Ditto one from Evans, but I can't justify spending £40 on a short cardy.

I also fancy this dress from Evans, although I'm not sure why, or even if would suit me, and it doesn't fit in with my current cute dress/cardi fetish.I just really love black and grey stripes.

There are a LOT LOT LOT of things I want from Simply Be, first and foremost a new winter coat. I always struggle with the dilemma of looks and warmth in a winter coat, and admit I've gone for style over substance many a time and ending up freezing all winter long. I think I've found a nice compromise here. Simply Be don't allow you to copy photos like Evans do, so I've had to screen-grab, but here we go. 

It's a swing coat with a large hood and it's £65. I can play Red Riding Hood all winter long :) 

Other things I've seen on SB I covet are this cardi in mink at £40.

I ADORE this maxi dress. £46.

I really love the new season purpley-grey shades. I love this dress. £45.

I haven't seen anything that fits my current fancy, but here's another muted colour I'm loving this season.

I've also got quite a thing for lace. Here's another nude shaded top at £35.

Ooh! A break from this mutedness. The Barbie in me loves this dress at £40. 

Back again to ze colours of ze earth, this cardi is £32.

Mmm. I have a long standing love of the checked shirt, or as they were called in 'my' day, a lumberjack shirt. This is £27. 

This jacket is right up my alley, in a kind of My Chemical Romance video kind of way.
(That will be the only mention of MCR ever on this blog)
(Except perving pics of Gerard Way in eyeliner)

Should I start robbing a bank now or later?

Here's a rather yummy studded jumper at £30. 

Ummm....I think this post is making it apparent I have a serious cardi fetish. 

This Jeffrey & Paula cardi I want in all 3 colourways - grey stripe, black and red. There is more likelihood of me winning the lottery than having the money to buy all these things! £25.

I would tie those pixie ends up under my boobs

We don't need a picture of it in black, as we know what black looks like. 

A bit more of J&P. This is £30.

Again, it's grey and stripey so I want it! 

I quite like this scarf, because it's 79 inches long. 79 inches! I could rappel down buildings with this. It's £15. Is 79 inches of scarf for £15 reasonable? I've since seen similar scarves in Primarni for £3, so guess where I'll be going?!

I have avoided displaying my secret shame to you so far - my Bet Lynch-esque love of leopard print. Here is a lovely long line top at £26. 

About the last 3 pairs of jeans I've bought have been grey, and here are some more. These motorbike jeans are £35. 

I do love my pyjamas on cold rainy evenings and these Joe Browns ones are great at £36. 

This is MORE than enough for now. Not bad for someone who can't find anything they like, eh?!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Twittering away...

Here are some of my 'witticisms' from Twitter.

Disclaimer #1 Spacing on Blogger sucks arse.

Disclaimer #2. I tend to swear. See Disclaimer #1.

Disclaimer #3. Posts posted here as they were posted on Twitter, lousy abbreviations and all.

Hmmm. I'm not even sure I want to see that, and I'm pre-menstrual with the rage of 1000 randy syphilis sufferers. #sparethecock (Talking about a horror film with 'penis torture' in it)

I think instead of watching X Factor for the next 12 weeks I'll fashion a dog out of soap, or perhaps take a cheese grater to my labia.

Oh dear. He looks so good yet sounds so bad, plus moves like he's trying to dislodge a big poo.(Talking about someone on X Factor).

Enthusiasm for this evening going dowwwwwwwwwwn. Someone entertain me. Naked pics. Yodelling. Sushi penises.....that kinda thing.  

It amazes me that Phil Collins' renaissance came about because of a drumming monkey.

Sometimes the goodness in me overrules the cynicism, but misanthropy is the order of the day today.

Damn u Canon for sending me e-mails taunting me with the latest kit. Who wants to help me rob a bank? You bring the banana, I'll bring masks.

Right that moron upstairs is getting subjected to some very loud Arch Enemy. See how you like THEM apples, fuckface!!!!!!!! 

Just realised I have 4 Urban Decay palettes and 1 small kit. In my defense, all but 1 were gifts #honest 

Just scared the SHIT outta myself. Watchin the Devil trailer, put sound on forgettin I had Spotify on, FULL BLAST heavy metal. Goosebumps!!

I'm glad it's hat and scarf weather again. I do love to accessorise :)

I much prefer the tweets of stars who tweet themselves, not get a serf to do it for them. 3rd person tweeters need to be shot, though.

I wish I could send a thought wave to the BELLEND repeatedly calling my house phone from a withheld number, The message is: FACK ORF.

PAIN! Oh God, I wouldn't wish this bladder condition on anyone.

I think Jamie Oliver should call his new baby Bacon. Well, celebs like stupid names, don't they?

Welcome to the United States of Fucked Off. Our flag is amazing.

Sorry dude, that's the trouble with me, I'm always putting my foot in it somehow. Every post should come with a disclaimer. (I had out my foot in it again).         

Look up bukkake on Wiki. They have awesome anime jizz shots. Trufax.

Rimmel & Maybelline you need to stop bullshitting every1 with yr mascara adverts. Maybe it's Maybelline? Maybe it's BULLSHIT :D

Am seriously addicted to Werthers at the mo *suck*

I'm worried about the safety of the thing that crawled into my derriere. I fear from the smell it may have ceased to exist.

I have decimated the honey macadamias again....which is possibly why I smell like a rotting wildebeest.

Could you Adam & Eve it? The day I wear a tea towel to protect my top is the only day out of the previous 364 I don't drop food on myself.

Listening to Angel of Death whilst eating lunch may be a bad idea #speedeatingtoSlayer

Getting some giggles from Lamebook. Other people's ineptitude is most amusing.

Going out to a goth themed birthday shindig later. I think my new brows will suit it grandly :)

Hello new followers *waves* At some point in the future there may be a shitstorm of expletives so grab an umbrella :D 

OK, that's enough, I'm not half as interesting as I think I am :)        

Friday, 17 September 2010

My experience with Overactive Bladder

It's THAT time of the month for me. No, not rag week. Coming onto my period is a relief for me, and I'm sure their aren't too many people who can say that. Every month for the last 6 months I've been in huge amounts of pain before my period.

I want to write a diary of events so next time I go to see the doctor it's all clear in my mind and I don't forget anything.

Approx 9 days before period -or T-9 days (hehe.)

I start to feel a bit out of sorts - weak, listless, and not quite right but not able to pin it down.

Approx T-7 days

I get REALLY constipated for 2 days, I have a high temperature and do not feel like doing ANYTHING as I feel under siege

Approx T-5 days

I start to get VERY gaseous (TMI, sorry.)
I start to get a very uncomfortable when my bladder is full (or feels full) kind of like the feeling you get when you really need a #2
After I pee I have AGONISING stomach cramps caused by my bladder going into spasm. The pain has been so bad on a couple of occasions I have wished death upon myself to make it end, and I don't say that lightly. It makes me very feverish hot (I usually end up stark naked on the bathroom floor as even sitting up is too painful), nauseous and usually I end up wondering if this will be the time I have to call an ambulance. This pain stage usually lasts about 3-5 days and is like the worst period cramps I've ever had x 10.
Also in this period I experience EXTREME abdominal bloating. Like 'Oh-my-God-are-you-pregnant?' bloating. My waist increases by several inches and my stomach is rock hard and distended.

The bloating lasts all the way through my period until slightly afterwards, so all in all I spend almost half the month looking like I have an alien about to explode out of my stomach.

By the time I've been through this (this is my 6th go on the merry-go-round ) my period seems like a walk in the park.

I'm currently taking twice the dosage of Oxybutynin my doctor suggested to try to keep symptoms at bay. It isn't quite working. I need to go back. I'm also not convinced I have an overactive bladder. I think my symptoms are more in line with Interstitial Cystitis, although I share symptoms of both OAB and IC.

I have just posted on a forum on the ICHope website. I hope someone can help me there.

Thanks for reading!