Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Questions

I got this idea from the Vampy Varnish blog who has questions on a Friday. 

  1. How was your week? Good. I feel a lot better than last week, when I was really ill.
     2. Are you wearing any make up today? No, and my eyebrows need a good pluck, too.
     3. Are you scared of anything? Being buried alive, thanks to a Hitchcock or Hammer Horror episode I saw as a kid.

     4.What book are you reading at the moment? The second Game of Thrones book.

     5. If you had an unlimited budget, what kind of property would you live in? Somewhere with a pool (I'd die to have a pool) but high up on a hill so I could still see the sea.

     6. Tell me about your favourite blogs (feel free to plug them!) : Mine are life/opinion blogs by my friends, plus size blogs and crafty blogs.
    7. If you were planning your next day out, where would you go? I'm keen to go to a castle and take photos. There are 2 reasonably local to us.

    8. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where? I'm not sure. We might be able to go to Sweden and stay with our friends there, but only if we can find the spending money (Sweden is expensive!

   9. What's your favourite song this week?

I've heard a LOT of new music this week, but this is what's stuck in my head right NOW! So catchy!

10. What are you doing this weekend? We're meeting a friend who's over from The Netherlands tomorrow, and we hope to see The Hangover 2.

11. Post a picture, any picture.

Chris Babbitt, the singer/guitarist from Taking Dawn. Yum.

Copy and paste your answers into the comments for me :) 

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A post all about music today

  • I've found out about a new band today, (well, one that's new to me)
  • I've been reminded about a good band I heard once before
  • I've decided to blog about the end of free Spotify as we know it
  • I also want to talk about Lady Gaga

I'd never heard of Forever Never before today, but a mate on Facebook posted a link to their cover of John Farnham's You're The Voice. 

I always liked the original. Back in the day when Walkmans were the rage I had a mix tape with this song on it. I like this new version of the song. I like the singer's voice. I like the video - all the people jumping around make it a very uplifting video. I like it all!


A lady on Facebook recently posted a video by Royal Republic. I'd seen the video before on Kerrang or Scuzz months ago and forgot all about it. Prior to seeing the video again this morning, I'd downloaded a sampler of mp3 tracks from Roadrunner Records to do with the Download Festival and there was a track by Royal Republic there.

Here's the first track I heard by Royal Republic:

Is it just me, or does the singer Adam Grahn look rather like Tom Hardy? (Especially in the Bronson era) Either way I fancy the arse off him, even with his odd facial topiary. I think the video is great, and I love the singer's facial expressions. 

Here's Underwear:

Royal Republic are a Swedish band.


If any of you use Spotify you'll know that you can no longer use the totally free service as you would've been able to before. To have the same features previously available for free you'll need to pay £4.99 a month. Spotify Open used to be a site where you could add any song in their catologue to a playlist (or multiple playlists) and listen to it as many times as you liked. The only drawback was ads every 20 minutes or so.

From the Spotify website:

Here’s how the changes will work:
  • New Spotify users will be able to enjoy our unrivalled free service as it is today for the first 6 months.
  • As of May 1st, any user who signed up to the free service on or before November 1st 2010 will be able to play each track for free up to a total of 5 times. Users who signed up after the beginning of November will see these changes applied 6 months after the time they set up their Spotify account.
  • Additionally, total listening time for free users will be limited to 10 hours per month after the first 6 months. That’s equivalent to around 200 tracks or 20 albums.
I used to listen to Spotify all day every day. My main playlist has about 1500 songs on it, and I have 7 other playlists. I used Spotify to avoid buying or downloading music, and occasionally for finding new music. If I pay £4.99 a month for Spotify Unlimited, I won't have to put up with ads, and I'll be able to carry on as I was before. If I wanted to pay £9.99 a month I could have Spotify Premium, which has the same benefits as Unlimited, but with the added perks of being able to listen to music on the go, including on mobile phones, and even abroad. You can make use an offline mode for mobile and pc, where you download the tracks to be played where there's no internet connection. There's also enhanced audio quality with Premium.

I think I'll end up paying £4.99 for the Unlimited service. Another great feature of Spotify is I can upload all my own music (to all levels of Spotify - Open, Unlimited and Premium) to make a more complete musical experience, but if I stay using the free service I'll soon get bored of not being able to listen to my favourite Spotify songs.

Do you use Spotify?

It's currently available in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden.


A few weeks ago I thought my love affair with Lady Gaga was over. She'd started to piss me off with her constant plagiarising of looks from people such as Kylie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera etc, as well as her musical similarity to Madonna.

Just one example of her 'borrowing' looks from others

Need I go on?

Also, her video for Judas got on my wick. I felt it was a similar thing to what Madonna did with the Like A Prayer video. Hey, let's upset the Christians! I'm not a Christian by the way, I just thought it was a little unnecessary. I also felt her videos were getting a bit formulaic. Dancing in underwear? Check! (Mind you, if I had her body, I'm sure I'd never get dressed, either!) 

I had classed myself as over Gaga, until I saw Lady Gaga Presents on Sky 1 last night.Well, that's not exactly true - I saw about the last 20 minutes. I was thoroughly entertained. Then, as the credits rolled and she did an a cappella version of Born This Way, I was blown away. Seriously, she sang it with such depth of feeling I had tears in my eyes. And again, just like that, I'm a fan.

If you download music legally regularly this site could save you money. It's a comparison site for music downloads.

So, what new music have you discovered recently?
(Either new music, or music that's new to you!)
Are you a fan of Gaga?
What's new with you today?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 28-30 of 30 days of films


Day 28 - The Most Obscure Film You've Ever Seen

I came across this film on TV late one night and I had no idea what the hell it was about. I didn't watch it until the end for some reason, probably because I had to get up early the next day. It was one of those films that you want to carry on watching because it's so damn weird. I want to watch it all one day, just out of curiosity.

Day 29 - Your Favourite Film As a Kid

I mentioned this just yesterday - The Jungle Book. As I posted that trailer yesterday, I'll post one of my favourite songs from it. I learned the words as a babe and know them all to this day, which proves nothing except my brain is taken up by song lyrics :)

Day 30 - Your Favourite Film This Time Last Year

Sometimes you just can't beat a bit of stupid action and totally overblown story-line. Especially if it comes with an AC/DC-laden soundtrack. 

That's the end of that series.
Books up next!

Do you like to read?
What is your favourite genre of books?
Mine is crime/thriller.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 25-27 of 30 days of films


Day 25 - Your Favourite Documentary Film

Arrrrgh. I saw one about heavy metal once and that was pretty good but I have no idea what it was called (brain-freeze time!) Other than that, I haven't seen many documentaries, although I've been meaning to see a few Michael Moore documentaries. Any suggestions on the documentary front?

Day 26 - Your Favourite Foreign Language Film
 Män som hatar kvinnor - The original Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which is called The Men Who Hate Women in Sweden) 

And in English

I have NO intention of seeing the Hollywood versions of this trilogy. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. 

Day 27 - Your Favourite Independent Film

A very clever film, and one I need to see again. Perhaps next time it'll make more sense! :)

What are your favourite documentary/foreign language film/independent film? 

I hope your week got off to a good start!

Thanks for being here. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day 22-24 of 30 days of films


Day 22 - Your Favourite Horror Film

 It has to have zombies in it. Zombies are my favourite! If we were rating comedy horror, I would've chosen Zombieland, which was a riot.

Day 23 - Your Favourite Thriller/Mystery Film

  I think this was the first film I saw Morgan Freeman in and I fell in love with the man and the voice. I've never been a major Brad Pitt fan (except in Thelma and Louise, where he *was* quite cute) but anyone who's seen Se7en will attest to the gritty darkness this film encapsulates. I haven't the best memory, but many details of this film are seared into my mind thanks to the brutality of them. I wouldn't say it's a film I enjoy watching, but it's certainly one of the most memorable films I've ever seen. I think I may have seen this twice at the cinema. For 1995 it was truly ground-breaking.

Day 24 - Your Favourite Animated or Children's Film

It was my favourite film as a kid. It had great songs in it which I still enjoy today. I had the story book of this film as well, which I carried around with me in a little white handbag. I lost the bag and was gutted, and I still remember it!

What are your favourite horror/thriller/animated films?

Thanks for reading. 

My weekend and possible answers?

Hello all. 

The Mr and I just spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Kent seeing my family. We managed to squeeze in seeing my mum, step dad, brother, aunt and uncle, and then we stayed with my dad last night. My brother popped in as it was his birthday yesterday. The Mr works in I.T. and was helping my aunt out as she's just bought a laptop. She's extremely un-technical but he's very patient, and he sorted out quite a lot of things for her. My aunt informed me I wouldn't be getting married next year, as she was stealing my fiancé! I said I hoped we weren't swapping husbands as I like mine fresh and young! (James is almost 7 years younger than me). We had tea at my aunts. Some of us had chippy and some of us had Chinese, or a mixture of both. 

Luckily everyone lives fairly close to one another, so it was only a 10 minute drive to my dad's from my aunt's (where everyone else was). He has a really bad back at the moment and it's horrible to see him in pain. I wish he had a nice woman to look after him. His flat is accessed by the steepest set of stairs I've ever seen. It might as well be a ladder. I have no idea why the builders saw fit to make the stairs so bloody steep. Living there is going to be no good to him in his old age at all. You have to stand on the 3rd stair up to open the front door, so he couldn't even have a Stannah stair lift put in, well not unless it stopped short so he could hobble off to open the front door. I do worry about him, especially as I'm 90 minutes away, but my cousin Sara sees him a lot and I know she tries to look after the stubborn old goat. At least my mum and step dad have one another. 

It was while I was talking to my cousin Sara on the phone briefly this morning that I *might* have found an answer to my urinary problems. I've had trouble with my bladder since May last year, and have had a stubborn UTI for 2 weeks which just won't bog off. I finished a double strength lot of antibiotics on Friday and am back peeing like a race horse again and have a horrid dull ache in my abdomen which won't go away. She asked how I'd been and I mentioned this kidney infection, and she told me several members of our family have poly-cystic kidneys. I'd never even heard of it before, but I looked up the symptoms and I have quite a few of them (but am not self-diagnosing, I'm going to the doctors in the morning with yet another wee sample) so I will ask the doctor to investigate, just on the off-chance. 

Symptoms of poly-cystic kidneys are:

The most common symptoms are pain in the back (hell yes) and the sides—between the ribs and hips—and headaches (hell yes). The pain can be temporary or persistent, mild or severe.

People also can experience the following complications:
  • urinary tract infections—specifically, in the kidney cysts - Yes to UTIs, not sure about any cysts as yet
  • hematuria—blood in the urine - Yes, every sample has had blood in it
  • liver and pancreatic cysts
  • abnormal heart valves
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney stones
  • aneurysms—bulges in the walls of blood vessels—in the brain
  • diverticulosis—small pouches bulge outward through the colon
It's worth investigating, if only to rule it out, and in all honesty I hope it isn't the answer, as although the symptoms of the disease can be treated, and the cysts can be removed by operations, there's no cure as such, and it can lead to kidney failure. Having said that, all of the members of my family who have it are muddling along 'nicely' with it, it seems....or at least none of them have been hospitalised for it.

All I know is I haven't felt right for many weeks now (on top of the autoimmune stuff that's been going on since 2007) and I want answers. The new locum at the surgery seems to be a decent fella, and he's yet to tell me everything that is wrong with me is down to my weight, so here's hoping I can get some sense out of him with the other troubles too. 

I hope you had a fruitful weekend too!

Thanks for reading. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Days 19-21 of 30 days of films


Day 19 - Your Favourite Action Film
Bruce Willis AND Samuel L Jackson, what a winning combination!

Day 20 - Your Favourite Romantic Film
I'm not a great fan of romance films, (I much prefer action films) but this film has a bit of everything.

Day 21 - Your Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
Forgive me Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
I loved this film, I saw it twice at the cinema and would love to see it in 3D a third time. I loved the effects created by James Cameron and his team, especially the way everything went luminescent at night. Beautiful.


Happy Friday all, and have a lovely weekend!

I booked us in to have our banns read today. I'd thought I had until July to do them, but I realised late last night I only had until the first week in June. Eep! Anyway, it's all booked in now for a couple of weeks' time, so a big sigh of relief is due!

We're off to Kent tomorrow for a flying visit to see my family. We'll be squeezing in my mum, step dad, dad, brother, aunt and uncle. Oh, and my cousin and her other half. Busy times! Had I considered how much I'd miss everyone nearly 20 years ago when I first left home I might never have left! :)

Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

May is the month for birthdays

And lots of them!

It's my dad's birthday on Thursday, my brother's on Saturday, my dear friend Michelle's on the 23rd and another dear friend Rosie's on the 28th. If my nan was alive (Gawd rest her soul) that'd be another birthday, because hers was the 25th. I've already had my friend Sarah's birthday this month, too.

I think everyone has that one month, don't they, where financial ruin is afoot due to the amount of birthdays?! Birthdays near Christmas are hard too. I have 2 in November, and 2 in December. 

My brother was easy to buy for, as he'd put some things on his Amazon wishlist. I rang my dad to ask him what he wanted and he made pained noises then said "Don't worry." I'll buy him a bottle of something nice and alcoholic. We're seeing him this weekend anyway as we're staying with him on Saturday night. We're going to see the family in Kent on Saturday as my aunt has bought a laptop and she needs to know how to use it.

The girlfriends are relatively easy to buy for. Girls are easier to buy for than guys, aren't they?! 

I have a massive stack of birthday cards to go through to choose cards for the 4 upcoming birthdays. I hoard cards so I'm not left without choice. I best get one in the post today for my dad and hope Royal Mail pull out the stops and get it there for tomorrow. OOPS! I've just looked at the date, my dad's birthday is TODAY! I'm a rubbish daughter. I've just sent him a text and I'll call him later.

Which month is the one with all the birthdays? Do you hoard stacks of cards and gifts to give out?

I have a drawer I fill up with bits and bobs for birthdays and Christmas.

Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 15-18 of 30 days of films


Day 15 - The Film That Depicts Your Life
I'm not sure. If such a tale exists, it's the story of someone who had some good times, some bad times and some very trying times, but someone who hopefully wins in the end. Everyone wants a happy ending, don't they?

Day 16 - A Film You Used to Love, But Now Hate
I don't know. I can't think of a film I used to love but hate now. I don't want to dwell on anything that I hate, anyway.

Day 17 - Your Favourite Drama Film

The Shawshank Redemption:

 Day 18 - Your Favourite Comedy Film
Up until a few years ago it I would've said Liar Liar, as that film kills me, but it has to be The Hangover. It's just so so silly.

Honourable mentions go to Anchorman and Borat, both of which seem to get funnier the more I see them. I found The Other Guys pretty damn funny in places, too.


Two of my friends came to see me for a few hours today, which was a nice tonic, especially as they took the time to come on such a crappy day. I've got my appetite back somewhat, which is good.  The Mr and I went to get some groceries tonight as there was nothing in. I still have the situation of not knowing what I want to eat even when I'm hungry, but at least once I finally make my mind up I do want to eat.

Happy Hump Day.
How's your week so far?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Groundhog days/New films


Isn't it funny that if you repeat something good it doesn't feel repetitive? :) It's only when it's taxing that it feels repetitious! If it's good stuff it's just a case of revisiting pleasure.

Days at the moment are a little Groundhog Day-esque.

Up, eat so I can have my antibiotic, lay down (I can only sit so long, because I'm weak and I hurt all over), perhaps read, eat, take my tablet, wait for James to come home from work, eat, take my tablet, watch some tv, go to bed. Rinse and repeat! 

At least today food is palatable. For the first time in a week I actually have an appetite. I think it's a good sign. My wheat bag came today, which is a help for my trapped nerve. It's pink as well. I'm such a girl!


There are some films I want to see at the cinema soon, especially this one: 

I'd also like to see the new POTC film.

I would like to see this too, but I suspect it won't be on much longer at the flicks.

What are you waiting to catch at the cinema?

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wisdom sometimes comes from an unusual source/I couldn't have got through this week without


I think when we go through any kind of suffering - be it physical, emotional, financial or spiritual - we look for answers, for words of wisdom, for knowledge someone else has been there.

I was just reading a lovely positive blog from Kat Von D, written about how her house burned down and she lost her baby kitten, and she said this:  

There's a lotta pain and sadness out there, but I promise you, if you allow Life to show you the goodness in it all (even the bad), there's nothing left but Happiness - and in the end, that’s all we really want.

It struck me more perhaps because of my earlier blog, where I was seeking a lesson from my prolonged pain experience of the last few years. Perhaps the lesson just is to experience so much pain that I appreciate the good times? Sometimes a lesson has to be hard. Or maybe there's no lesson at all and I just have shit luck ;)


I couldn't have got through this week without:

Hot water bottles for various aches and pains
Amoxycillin to put my infection to bed (I hope)

The Mr for being brilliant while I've been ill
Sweet glorious sleep
Water, and LOTS of it
Sweet beautiful painkillers

What's eased your week?

Thanks for being here.

Eurovision, Superdrug Beauty Card and alas, more pain

Hello frauleins!

Last night was the Eurovision Song Contest. It was held in Düsseldorf in Germany and every self-respecting nerd in Eastern and Western Europe and the Baltics watches it. There were songs by 25 acts. The competition is held by the country who won it the year before. Although only 25 acts sang, there were 43 countries who voted, as there were 43 entrants, but not all made it to the final.

Eurovision 2011 - Düsseldorf (Germany) Pictures, Images and Photos

We had score sheets to mark each act and made up less than complimentary names for some of the acts, which I best not share. We really wanted Ireland to win as our own entry wasn't all that, we thought. 

Here is Jedward for Ireland with the song Lipstick


Here's Blue for the UK with I Can

The winner was Azerbaijan with Running Scared.

Another song which was quite popular in the voting was Popular, the entry by Sweden, which I enjoyed. 

He's not too hard to look at, either. 

Did you watch the Eurovision? Did you enjoy Graham Norton's witty repartee?
I wonder what the show will be like next year held in Azerbaijan? 


Have you got your Superdrug Beauty Card yet?

For people outside of the UK, our two biggest chemists and beauty stores are Boots the Chemists (mostly just known as Boots) and Superdrug. Both sell medicines, make up, vitamins, sun care, and also sandwiches and drinks. Some larger Boots stores act as dispensing chemists to fill out prescriptions, and most develop photographic film. Boots tends to carry more high end beauty lines such as Dior, Estee Lauder, BeneFit and Urban Decay as well as of its own lines such as Boots No 7 (high-ish end beauty) and Boots 17 (for younger girls). Superdrug has always been the place to go if you're on a budget (that'll be me, then). They carry lines which Boots often does too, such as Max Factor, Maybelline, Bourjois, etc etc. Boots has had a loyalty card scheme since 1997. Superdrug has had a loyalty card since last week ;) 

The Superdrug Beauty Card gives you 10 points per £ spent, the Boots Advantage Card gives 4 points per £ spent. The Boots card is an anonymous looking bit of plastic, whereas the Superdrug card acts as a mirror. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Thus modelled by the lovely Welshwoman Joanna Page
I must admit to being quite excited by this card because 1. I am a cheapskate and 2. The Accessorize make up line is exclusive to Superdrug, and it is divine! (That reminds me, I really need to blog about it and review some items!)

You can pick up a form instore and get your Beauty card there and then, as I did yesterday when I had to go into town to get my second lot of antibiotics. 


I've been in pain and discomfort now for almost 4 years, but there are some points of my life which are just SO unfortunate I just have to ask myself what the lesson is. Whatever it is, I obviously haven't grasped it yet, because the pain and punishment keeps on coming. A cynic might say the lesson is 'Life Sucks!' but I'm not so much of a cynic that I think that. Life, despite its constant challenges for me, is something I enjoy very much (and besides which, nearly ceasing to exist in January made me realise no matter how curtailed life may be, it is GREAT!)

So, a quick round up. For the last few weeks I've been plagued by backache, headaches and nausea almost constantly. 9 days ago I was diagnosed with a UTI which won't quit, and my sheets tell the tale from my night time temperature each morning. At some point in the last few weeks I became anaemic again, so I have deep (oh, so bone deep) pains in my legs, particularly my right thigh, even at rest. I have struggled to stay out of anaemia since I almost bled to death in January and every period leaves me depleted. I am taking iron but I think I need it looked at by a doctor. To finish off the menu of pain I slept last night in the Superman position - face down and with one arm outstretched, which has led to a pinched nerve which travels from my neck down towards my shoulder blade and on down my back. 

I have to laugh at the absurdity of it all really ;) What else can I do?!

I have no idea of if or when there'll be an end to this. All I can ask is that people bear with me while I get past this. I hate to be moaning every day about how I feel, but if I don't vent I fear I'll go insane. 

 How has your weekend been so far? What have you been up to? What's made you happy or excited this last week? 

Many thanks for reading.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

So Blogger is back, but it ate the comments :(

I'm really glad Blogger is back but I'm sad it chewed up the comments left for me. Thanks Steph for praying for me.

I needed to vent yesterday. My health took a turn even further for the worst on Thursday night. I had a temperature over 101 degrees and a hideous fever. I was so cold, colder than I've ever been in my life. My limbs were trembling uncontrollably from the cold and I burned my boobs hugging a hot water water to naked flesh in an attempt to get warm. I managed to get 90 mins sleep between 2.30 and 4am but then I woke up roasting alive. I think the UTI might have spread to my kidney. Last night I slept (mercifully!) but I was sweating all night and have woken up nauseous as all hell. I've called the out of hours doctor and am waiting for a call back. I feel so awful.

I've got to go to the out of hours clinic with a wee sample. I'm hoping they give me some more antibiotics as I feel awful. Fingers crossed I'll soon be feeling tip-top again! :)

EDIT - I had a raging kidney infection. I had one lot of antibiotics which didn't work at all, left it a week then got so ill I was given double strength antibiotics and was better a few days after starting the course of tablets. Phew.

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Migraines and the end of the first George R R Martin book


For the last few weeks I've had a headache every single day. 

They vary in intensity from debilitating but manageable headaches to 'Oh my God I've gotta lay down in a cold room now!' migraines. Most of the time they make me feel nauseous, but I haven't been sick.

I went to bed with a bowl the night before last I was convinced I was going to spew. Thankfully there was no need. These headaches start about lunchtime and get worse throughout the day, so by about 10 pm I feel bloody awful, like now. I'm going to bed in a moment.

I feel so tired all the time and can't seem to get enough sleep. My get up and go got up and left. I just don't want to do anything. I really hope this situation resolves itself soon. 

In between the pounding headaches I've been reading the first in the A Game of Thrones series of books by George R R Martin. I'm not going to give anything away to the people watching the series who haven't read the book, but he kills off a few people, and not the expected toads who you might enjoy getting killed. I think I can call myself a true nerd now because I actually feel disappointed with the way the book turned out! George, I'm giving you another chance. Please don't piss me off in the next 2 books (I have bought those, too) :)

What book really pissed you off by killing off the 'wrong' people? 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 11 of 30 days of films


Day 11 - A Film By Your Favourite Director

I had never really considered my favourite director before. I like a film or I don't, and I don't really think "A-ha! That Joe Bloggs makes a bloody good film!" A film is a sum of many parts - script, actors and actresses, cinematography, etc etc.

So, after a moment of internal dialogue it's a toss-up between Christopher Nolan (Inception, Memento, The Dark Knight) vs Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete).

Robert Rodriguez wins by a nose! Christopher Nolan makes wonderful films, but Rodriguez's films are more FUN!

I'm sure I've left out loads of awesome directors (Spielberg et al) but I have to rely on the little bit of memory I have left and pick on the films I remember. 

Here's a clip from Machete, which I have yet to see (and want to see pronto!)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 10 of 30 days of films


Day 10 - A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Female)

Decision time again. 

The thing about my favourite actor and actress is I need to be able to respect them as a person. I can't just go on their acting ability. Am I weird? Denzel Washington (my fave actor choice) - he seems to be a good man. I think he's been married to his wife for aeons and he's never in the press doing things he shouldn't oughta! (Not that I've heard about, at least).

I enjoy Angelina Jolie's films a lot, but I think she's a marriage-wrecking baggage. I'm not Camp Jen, I just think Angie is a better actress than she might be as a person, rainbow family or not.

So, who? Dame Judi, Helen Mirren or Emma Thompson?! 

I have respect for all three. I like Dame Judi because she seems a classy bird (and she smiled at me when I saw her in Waitrose once!) I like Helen Mirren because she's a feisty one and Emma Thompson seems to be a decent human being too.

I'm going to go Emma Thompson for her portrayal of a wronged wife in Love Actually.

However, finding a video of one of the best scenes in the film is as hard as knitting with water. Youtube, you frustrate me sometimes.

Here's a fan video, which is tad annoying as the backing music is too loud, but hey ho :)

Who's your favourite actress?

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Game of Thrones episodes 1-3 and sneak peek of episode 4

Hi all. 

I've been loving A Game of Thrones so far and thought I'd post Youtube snippets from the first 3 episodes and a sneaky peek of the 4th to see if I can garner some interest in the show ;)

I'm reading the first book, too. I expected it to be really geeky and hard to read, but it isn't at all. Each chapter revolves around one character so it isn't at all confusing, even though there are loads of main players. It's a really good companion read, as obviously they can't put all the details into the show. 

Here's a long clip about episode 1:

Episode 2 peeks:

Episode 3 peeks:

Episode 4 peeks:

It doesn't take long to work out who the snakes are. I can't wait to see the Lannisters (with the exception of Tyrion, he's a hoot!) get their comeuppance (I do hope they get it!)

Viserys Targaryen is a toad as well.

I think Sean Bean makes the whole show to be honest. I don't think it'd be a fraction as good without him in it.

My favourite characters are in no particular order are Arya Stark:

Jon Snow:

Lord Stark:

A Game of Thrones is on Sky Atlantic HD on Monday evenings at 9pm and is repeated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (various times).

A cool resource if you're as geeky as me is A Wiki of Ice and Fire.
(Named so after the title of the series of books).

Any other AGOT freaks in the house? 

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 6 May 2011



I went to the doctors this morning because I was up almost all last night in awful pain. 

It turns out I have an urinary tract infection, which explains the pain and fever. I had so little sleep last night I spent a few hours in bed this afternoon catching up. Bliss! I've got a week's course of antibiotics to take and hope to be feeling fighting fit again soon.

I saw a locum so there was no attempt to work out why my waterworks are a constant annoyance (I supposedly have an overactive bladder or some other urinary weakness which gives me pain and fever on a fairly regular basis) so that's something else I need to try to get answers for eventually.

I'm just happy to know an end to feeling so crap is afoot on this occasion. My temperature is up and down and feeling crap is making me ratty.

Happy weekend all. 

I think I'll be having a lazy one, taking care of myself and reading lots. 

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 9 of 30 days of films

Hello all.

Day 9 - A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Male)

We could be here some time...........

I think that at this particular moment in time Denzel Washington is my favourite actor. What can I say? I'm an Aries, hence I'm fickle ;)

I'm going slightly off menu here by posting a trailer for a film I haven't seen yet but want to see.

Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? My favourite Denzel film is Man on Fire, which I've already posted in this series.

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 8 of 30 days of films


Day 8 - The Film You Can Quote Best

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring

My ex-housemate's little boy had some kind of obsessive disorder which meant when he liked something, he'd watch it or listen to it over and over and over. Be it watching this film 10 times a week or blasting The Darkness' first CD constantly at all hours, he was a little hard to live with at times, but for my part any excuse to stare at Viggo Mortensen was a bonus!

He and I watched this film twice a day sometimes. It's easily the film I've seen the most.

Bonus video

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 7 of 30 days of films

Hi :)

Day 7 - A Film That Reminds You of Your Past

Stand By Me

I watched this round my old school friend Catriona's house when I was about 14 or 15 and loved it. It reminds me of being a kid, of the innocence of youth of the kids in it, and how quickly it can be over.

Is there a film you saw when you were on the cusp of adulthood that has stayed with you?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Day 6 of 30 days of films

 Hello all :)

I haven't been blogging much as I have things on my mind which I can't really go into but here I am with another movie post. 

Day 6 - A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere

The Ring (remake)

This reminds me of when I lived in Eastbourne with a friend.

We started off watching the film quite casually, and by the end we both had our knees as far under our chins as possible, and we were crapping ourselves. We were like a pair of petrified book ends by the end.

I hear the Japanese version is much better.

Thanks for being here.