Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sunday in photos - Winchelsea

On Sunday we went on a long walk round Winchelsea. It's a really lovely seaside town with loads of history. It's the kind of place we could revisit for another long walk without being bored as there are lovely little details to see everywhere you look.

 On with the photos!

Spike Milligan's grave. It *did* have a headstone once.
I have no idea what happened to Spike Milligan's grave but it's a crying shame that the headstone is missing. We only worked out which grave it was from Google images shots of the buildings behind. 

Coming up in my next blog are pictures of my recent spends, including a lot of half price Sue Moxley goodies from Superdrug with some of the money I made selling off clothes.

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(The Kitty Diablo thing was my to do with my photography page on Facebook, which I've since deleted.)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Saturday in photos - Crowhurst


We had an awesome weekend of long walks in the countryside, so I thought I'd share a few snaps here so you can have a look.

Until recently I had a photography fan page on Facebook, and it was called Kitty Diablo Photography. I started the deletion process recently because I hadn't been anywhere to take any photos, and also holding my SLR is a real problem lately because of my increasingly weak arms. This weekend I took something like 500 photos. Not bad for someone who's deleting her photography page for want of photos, eh?!

By the way, the name Kitty Diablo came about a few years ago because I was going to get a kitten from my friend, a little black kitty. I was going to call it Diablo kitty (devil kitty). My landlord was a bore who wouldn't let us have a kitten, and I thought 'Diablo kitty' sounded cool, so I just swapped the words around. Ta-da. Anyway, enough gabbing! On with the photos.

Here are the photos, and I'm playing around with a new font from Picnik. Saturday we went to Crowhurst, where we went for a long walk in the woods, finished up by a walk round a churchyard with a 1000+ year old yew tree.

The yew tree is over 40 feet in circumference at the base. I took oodles of photos of it as it's probably one of the oldest thing I've ever seen.

More photos coming tomorrow, from another outing we had on Sunday.

P.S. After all that, I've just discovered I can upload straight to Pinterest from my laptop. D'oh! I thought you could only link from somewhere. Never mind, I needed to clarify what I was going to put on my photos anyway. I'm seeing the funny side. I'm such a dork.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some recent camera phone photos from Rye


After my hospital appointment on Friday we went to Rye, which is a lovely historic harbour town. We go there a lot.

I've upgraded to the Premium service on Picnik (now Picmonkey) as I mainly take camera phone pictures now. I love my SLR, but because my arms are so weak I rarely use it as it weighs a ton. In fact, I just deleted my photography fan page from Facebook as I never upload any photos there any more. Holding a heavy SLR really hurts my arms because of my illness so it was a sad and reluctant decision but if people like a page they want updates and I hadn't updated the page in the longest time.

My phone has dozens of scratches to the cover of the lens (I need to get a new back to the phone to remedy this) and subsequently all of my photos are coming out kind of soft focus, so I've been editing the life out of them on Piknik to try to make up for it. Plus I'm alll over that Instamatic-like retro effect you can get on Picnik using the cross process feature and the rounded corners.

So here are some photos from Rye.

 This beautiful windmill is right by the railway tracks and the river

 Although this graffiti spoiled this lovely wall, I had to see the funny side. I hope the council clean it off, though.

 This black house had the weirdest covering - it looked like coal dust.

 That's my step dad

 That's my husband-to-be!

The weather was beautiful and I was so jealous of the teenagers who were swimming in it.

 This guy told me the water was freezing!

That's my little mum :)

I love it when the sea looks like diamonds.

Here are a few of J's photos as there are some of me and more of my family.

 Oops, I'm giving J the evil eye here!


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