Saturday, 31 December 2011

The naughty bit - presents I bought myself

Slapped wrists for me!!
The trouble with looking everydamnwhere for Christmas presents is I see loads of things I want for myself.

This is the Outspoken by Fergie perfume set from Avon. It smells lovely but wears off really quickly. It has top notes of blackcurrant, star fruit and wild saffron. Heart notes are tuberose, jasmine and passionflower. Base notes are ebony, leather and vetiver. Ah, vetiver again. I think vetiver is probably my favourite scent component ever. I'm pretty keen on leather too. I'll try layering it with the body lotion and the perfume and see how it goes.

 Note Vince Vaughn in the photo below. I was watching Fred Claus at the time I took the photo. I'd never seen it before and it might be my fave new Christmas film!

elf 32 piece eye shadow set (It was about £4 in one of their many sales)

 I bought 2 bows from beauxoxo on Etsy. Apparently they're the same bows as worn by Little Mix on the X Factor, if you're into that. They're lovely spangly bows, and cost £4.50 each with discount LITTLEMIX at checkout. They're really quite big - they're about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.

The red one matches my wedding shoes :)

 I've talked about The Morbid The Merrier before. Lysa makes really unusual perfumes for people not into floral, girlie stuff. I'm not a great fan of sharp, girlie stuff, I prefer peppery, musky, vanillary, almost unisex scents and Lysa does those amazingly well. These two are 5ml each but they will last ages as they're such good quality oils.

Xerxes is rich chocolate, sweet amber, and a kick of black pepper.
Maximo is sweet cocoa, spicy black pepper, earthy patchouli with a heart of vanilla and wood. 


 So that's my naughty phase over, we're cracking on with wedding spends only now!

Christmas presents

Hiya! Happy New Year's Eve!

Since it's nearly New Year I thought I'd better post my Christmas presents in a hurry.

I wasn't expecting much this year because of there being a lot of hardship about, so I was really pleased and humbled by my gifts.

J got me this lovely faux suede (at least, I think it's faux) bag. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's a dark grey and is pretty large. It could accommodate an A4 pad pretty easily.

 He also got me this Rock N Roll necklace in black and mirror acrylic from Punkypins.

 I also got a leopard print tunic top from J as well.

My mum and step dad got me this food processor (I asked for a blender and they got me something better - aww).

I haven't unpacked it yet ;)

From J's mum & dad (L & middle) & my aunt Sis (R)

 From my aunt Ann

 From Ann

From Ann

 Lovely scarf from my friend Rach

 Clarins bits from Ann resting on fingerless gloves from Sarah

 Cute little pen set from my mum

 From Ann

From my friend Sarah

 From my friend Lisa

I'm very blessed! What did you get? I'd love to see :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dorothy's shoes are now mine!

My shoes for the wedding came.

(Excuse my corned beef legs. I have a nasty mottled rash on them at all times from Fibromyalgia).

But the SHOES!

Aren't they divine? 

*clicks heels together thrice*
There's no place like home!

Glitter makes everything better.....even a nasty ol' cold.

Wishing you shoes that make you happy!

What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My year in review - 2011

Those of you who used MySpace might have joined in with the 'year in review' thing that used to go round in bulletins at the end of each year.

I think it's a good idea to reflect on what has happened in any given year so as to prepare for the new year and make any personal goals. Please feel free to do your year in review - I'd love to see your posts!


The beginning of January was full of excitement, planning and nausea, for I was pregnant and ecstatic about it (but not so ecstatic about the nausea). On the second week in January I lost my baby, almost died from acute blood loss and had a fallopian tube removed after it ruptured. The ectopic pregnancy came as no surprise when it did come, as I had one in 2003. In fact, had I not had one already I would've ignored the pain when it came and surely would have died.

I already knew before we left for the hospital that our dreams were over, and had done all my crying by the time we even left knowing it was a done deal. You have to go through certain channels in a hospital. It was after almost 12 hours of scans and examinations in the hospital that I was gowned and put in a side room ready for surgery at some stage later when a theatre became free. I went to the loo as the nurse had told me they prefer to catheterise on a relatively empty bladder for an op. I felt very ill, asked J to get someone, and woke up with 4 nurses shouting for me and trying to push the bathroom door open. I'd passed out on the toilet soon after my fallopian tube had burst, collided face-first with the sink opposite the toilet, then fell off the loo and landed with my head in the corner of the door.

I woke up on the floor with blood pissing out of my face, and 4 very worried nurses trying to take the door apart to get to me. To cut a long story short, my surgeon saw me in that state on the floor and yelled two words: 'Theatre NOW!!'

I lost a lot of blood, about 3 litres according to the surgeon. He came to my bedside two nights running to tell me how they nearly lost me. I think he thought I was in too deep a shock to take it in the first night, so he came back again to make sure I knew how lucky I was to be alive. I got it the first time ;) They had to tilt the operating table to get the blood clots to roll off my chest. I'd bled out so fast. When I was in recovery I filled up two drain bags with blood and the anaesthetist was so panicked they reopened me to make sure I wasn't bleeding to death. When I first woke up in recovery I croaked 'I'm alive!'

I was cut virtually from hip to hip and had to have a blood transfusion, but I was ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! If I had ignored the pain and had gone back to sleep, there's no doubt in my mind I would've died.

The second half of January was spent in pain and dosed up to the eyeballs on strong painkillers, which made afternoon naps as simple as closing my eyes wherever I was. Sweet relief! My mum stayed with me for 3 weeks and everyone who rallied round was fantastic. I can't speak highly enough of the hospital, even if they did discharge me with no painkillers and no antibiotics :O The nurses were amazing, and if I ever win the lottery I will give them a fat wodge of money.

J and I decided to get married on my birthday next year. Yay :)


February was spent avoiding moving as much as possible and throwing away dead flowers ;) I got a lot of flowers! :D Lucky me!


I had a memorial tattoo about the loss of my tummy nugget. 


I was excited about my birthday and going to Birmingham to see the Gadget Show Live. I was also so excited about A Game of Thrones starting, especially knowing my favourite piece of man-meat Jason Momoa was going to be in it! 


I was pretty down in May (as I was for much of the time as the baby's due date came around) but had a memorable evening when the Eurovision Song Contest was on. We had a few friends round and scored the acts like the proper geeks we are! Jedward's entry was interesting but I loved it ;)


We did our banns for the first time (we had to redo them as we changed wedding ceremony venues).


We had a wonderful weekend in the country with our friend Rach, her parents and about 40 other people. As we left the next day we heard Amy Winehouse had died, and after some truly heartless comments from people I wrote a blog about it.

I also dropped a kettle of boiling water all over myself and carry the scars now. The CFS was getting really dangerous - I was exercising to lose weight (and it was working) but at the loss of my coordination. Bah. 


The high point of every August for me is the Bulldog Bash biker festival which is held near Stratford-upon-Avon for 4 days. It's a wonderful event of camping, live music and companionship.

 We also spent a weekend in Wiltshire with our friends Mich and Tim, which was a lovely chance to meet up with old friends. We came away feeling refreshed, as being in the countryside was a real tonic. We also went on plenty of walks, but as I had 3 falls from late July to early August I had to curtail the exercise, unfortunately. We did get a couple of nice walks in before my enforced rest had to start.

 August was a jam packed month as it was Pirate Day in Hastings, which was great fun as usual.


I got my diagnosis in September - Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as long suspected. It was a massive relief to have it confirmed after 4 years of uncertainty. 

As usual, I was slapping on make up and taking posed photos. That'll never change, even when I'm a wizened old hag.


I had a blog redesign as I felt the shopaholic thing wasn't really 'me' any more. My wardrobe broke under the strain it was under. We went on a few short gentle walks. 

As we're weirdo pagan bastards down here, we had our Bonfire night in October.

 Wedding arrangements picked up pace and we finally found a great evening venue.


I got back into make up again in a serious way, but there's hardly the light to capture it ;)
I started great guns on Weight Watchers but fizzled to a bit of a stop after thinking I'd lost a stone more than I had. I think I need to address my 'head stuff' as much as I need to sort out the mouth/stomach interface.

I also started a bit of a de-clutter in the spare room and got rid of loads of stuff either to the bin or charity shop. I ordered the wedding invites and prioritised the sending of those further away first so those people can book hotels. The Christmas machine went into overdrive - shopping, wrapping, card writing and sending.


I busied myself posting a Christmas song a day, which probably pissed everyone else off, but it made me happy. I went for 2 Christmas meals, one with friends and one with family. I chose my wedding shoes and wedding dress. I stopped being such a bridezilla and started looking forward to Christmas :)


Time goes fast - months fly by and it feels like nothing of real consequence happens sometimes, so I need to inject as much 'fun' stuff into life as possible
Life is fragile - I'm here to prove miracles happen sometimes! Carpe diem and all that!
The simple things are the things I remember most - a walk in the woods, a barbecue with friends, a sunset, a sunrise. 
 Effort spent to be with close friends is worth it, no matter how many miles I have to go to get there
There's no substitute for the company of good friends and family - so I should spend all the time with them I can
But at the same time, don't let anyone suck the life out of me - boundaries are good - don't say yes to others if it means saying no to myself


Enjoy my wedding day ;)
Have a lovely honeymoon & start off married life on the right foot
Seize all the happy moments I can - big ones and little ones alike
See more of my family
 Learn Swedish
Cook more
Worry less

How was your year?
What do you want from next year?

Monday, 26 December 2011

My Christmas in photos - 2011

 Christmas Eve
We went to a local pub in the evening

My mum

My aunt

Festive Diet Coke

My aunt's 30 year old musical Frosty the Snowman

Lights in my home town

 Christmas Day

Christmas din dins

Mum playing with her Christmas cracker

My aunt peeing herself laughing at her novelty Christmas gift - a sand bag.
 Last year they gave her a road cone! Yes, we're weird!
Me. I was hot all day, hence the pony tail

My mum and uncle

My aunt's Christmas village

Roast turkey Pringles :)

Plaque my brother bought me for a bonus present :D

Festive mum - she had this sticker on all day
 26th December

I met my dad in town today and we went to 2 pubs and had lunch.

I got him at an unfortunate angle!

Afterwards we nipped into Savers so my dad could get some more reading glasses, and I bought the Stacey Solomon perfume Smile with some of my Christmas money. It was £14.99 for a bargainous 100ml.

The heart notes are Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid and Plum.
The top notes are Mandarin, Lemon and Black Pepper.
 The base notes are Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetivert, Patchouli, Amber and Musks.

All in all it's a heady, sexy scent I couldn't stop sniffing all day long. Vetiver is one of my very favourite scent ingredients. Side note - why is it spelled vetiver sometimes, sometimes vertivert or even vetyver?!

While we were in Savers my dad bought me some cheap Madame Milly lipglosses. I wasn't expecting a lot for £2.49 but they don't smell revolting, aren't sticky, go on smoothly and aren't too drying. I can't stand cheapo no-name glosses which smell like plastic, which feel crap when you apply them and which make your lips parched after wear. Although these are probably aimed at teens and won't last all that long on my lips, they're small enough to chuck in my coat pocket on a cold day to stave off chapped lips. Also, there are a couple of sheer glittery ones which will double up as a bit of glitz on my face at a push, even if it does make me look 6 years old ;)

I'll post some of my make up looks from Christmas next.
Hoping you had a wonderful day!