Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Age spots on my hands & anti ageing SPF hand cream

Hello lovelies.

As promised on the weekend, here are my 38 year old age spotted hands.

Left hand

Right hand

As you can see, the right hand is worse. This is probably because I'm right handed. If I'm ever going to have one hand out of gloves/my pocket etc. it's always going to be the right, and obviously it's used more than my left hand.

Let's combine this with a mini NOTD as well. This is Accessorize Pink Spice with Models Own Jack Frost on my ring finger.

I've always had quite pronounced wrinkles on my knuckles. There are worse places to have 'em, I suppose!

I thought hard about buying this hand cream. Although Neutrogena don't test on animals, the parent company Johnson & Johnson does. If anyone knows of a good anti ageing hand cream which is totally cruelty free please let me know in the comments. It made my hands very soft but didn't reduce my ages spots particularly. I suppose I should've persevered but I have a few other hand creams to use up.

I bought this from Superdrug for £2.64 for 50ml. It's normally £3.99.

I wasn't expecting much from this hand cream to be honest, but after one use my hands looked plumper, less crepey and well, younger. They also felt so soft. The thing about brown spots on your hands (and you probably won't know this if you don't have any) is not only are they a visual pain in the bum, but the texture of them is different to the rest of your skin. It's drier. Even if you were to cover them with foundation, you'd still know they're there because that skin looks old. This is why prevention is better than cure. 

If you don't have any brown spots on your hands, you want to keep it that way as they are a dead giveaway. Look at a person who looks relatively young in the face like Madonna and then look at her veiny old lady hands. They tell you a story all of their own! Pick up a hand cream with an SPF and use it religiously. I'm keeping my tube in my handbag so I can apply it on the go and I will either buy a spare of this (or a cruelty free replacement if I can find one) so I can keep it by my side at home.

Have you got any age spots yet?

Do you use hand cream?

Thanks for reading.