Monday, 29 October 2012

Merry Christmas? Tesco have gone mad!

Hello all!

The hubby and I do our weekly shopping every Monday, so off to Tesco we trotted tonight. As we were going around the aisles we noticed there were a lot of festive things out, like advent calendars and boxes of chocolates, but they've been gradually creeping in here and there for a few weeks, so there was no cause for alarm...

...until we checked out and started to leave the store. First of all there was a 12 feet tall gloriously bedecked twinkling Christmas tree on the left as we neared the exit. Secondly there were banners everywhere saying 'Merry Christmas!'

I love Christmas. No, I really love Christmas. It's a wonder I haven't started listening to Christmas music and watching festive films yet. Usually I have done by this time of year, so I'm slacking!

Normally the shops wait until Halloween has at least passed before they go gung ho for Christmas.I guess profits must be so pants this year they want to get everyone spending for Xmas earlier than usual. I didn't take any photos as there was a security guard in between the Christmas tree and all the signs.

So tell me, have you seen much Christmas stuff about already? If so, does it feel too early?

The most BAH HUMBUG I've ever felt about Christmas was one year when I was working at Past Times at Gatwick. We'd had an absolutely lousy summer weather-wise, and then we got a Christmas CD in the weekly communications bag with instructions to play it non-stop hence forth. It was August. I could have spontaneously combusted. 

Tra la la la la la la LA LA till next time.