Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Homemade Christmas. Pt 2 - photo albums.

Hello pickles!

Here I am again with another idea for you to give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones without breaking the bank.


Today I'm going to talk about making mini photo albums of favourite photos for your loved ones. Some months ago now I borrowed my mum's immense collection of photo albums to scan into the pc. I edited them in Paint Shop Pro to clean them up, cropped them and removed noise etc. You could use Picmonkey or Gimp if you don't have PSP or Photoshop.

All you need to do then is buy a small photo album (example - ebay) which takes 6 x 4 inch photos. I bought one in a bargain store in town for a couple of pounds. Amazon, Jessops, Boots and many stores and supermarkets who sell homewares will probably sell them. They generally hold about 30 photos, which is just enough, I think. All you need do is print off the photos on your own pc or use a service such as Snapfish (which I've always found to be very good and is certainly cheaper than printing photos myself) to print the photos for you. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could write some of your favourite memories of the times spent with your chosen person in the front and back covers of the photo album. You could even print your memories onto pieces of paper, cut them out in squares of 6 x 4 inches and intersperse them amongst the photos.

For example, you could have a photo of you and your sibling at the zoo as children on the left hand page of the album, and on the right print out your memories of that day and what you enjoyed about it. Everybody remembers different things from our past, and it's always so lovely to be reminded of happy times from the past. I know if someone did this for me I'd be so touched I'd probably cry. It would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a longtime friend or a family member. Who wouldn't want to be reminded of happy memories?

Have you ever made a photo album or scrapbook for a friend, family member or partner?

Thanks for reading!