Monday, 26 November 2012

Let's get Christmas all wrapped up!

Hi loves!

I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents. Love, love, love it!

When my nan was alive (God rest her soul) every Christmas I used to wrap up all her presents for her, except mine of course. It suited me because I'm nosy, so I got to find out what she was giving everyone else! Ha. I'd do all the wrapping and she'd cut off bits of sellotape and pass me bows. I just got all teary recounting that story. I miss her so much. She died the year after Princess Diana, so it'll be 15 years next April. She died on my birthday, bless her. I must look like the bride of Alice Cooper after that little snotfest.

On to the wrap!

I found this wonderful seller Lime Lace on who does these 3 lovely festive papers. All photos belong to Lime Lace. These designs cost £9.99 each for 5 sheets (50x70cm.) All photos can be clicked for larger images.

The Christmas puddings are my favourite.

Dots and Spots also do some lovely wrapping paper. I'm using their paper this Christmas. It's doubled sided, really good thick paper and £1.50 a sheet. There is a discount if you buy more than 3 sheets at a time. They also do a mixed pack of all 3 designs, here which starts at £8.40 for 6 sheets. There are gift tags available here, and festive wrap here, too.

All photos belong to Dots and Spots.

Dots and Spots are well worth a look, especially on a Friday, as they do 50% off a certain product group every week. I got my wrapping paper half price a couple of weeks ago. Keep your eyes peeled for their 50% off deals.

Do you like wrapping presents or do you find it a chore? 

I play Christmas songs while I do my wrapping.

Thanks for reading.