Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Smokey dokey with Aromaleigh

Some more pics of my face coming up.

I did a smokey eye today using Aromaleigh shades in Pollux and Midnight Mess. They're quite similar shades, so I probably wouldn't use those two in conjunction again, as I like a contrast.

My hair came out particularly glossy when I washed it today - small pleasures!

Tonight is a good TV night for me - Eastenders, Holby City and Sons of Anarchy.

What's your favourite TV night?
Do you rock the smokey eye look?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Seven Deadly Beauty Sins

I got the idea for this post from Product Pixie, so go have a peek!


Most Inexpensive and Expensive Product? 
My most inexpensive products are everything  I’ve bought from MUA, from eye shadows to lippies, which are all £1. Most expensive product was probably Touche Eclat, which was about £23.50. Ooh no, I tell a lie, it was some Estee Lauder foundation. I’m a cheap bitch usually.

What Products Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With?
Liquid eyeliner. Sometimes I can do a perfect line, other times I make a total balls up of it. So it’s not so much the product, but my shaky hands that are the problem.

What Has Been Hardest To Find?
(This doesn't come under a sin on its own so I'm assuming it's part of Wrath). I don’t think anything is particularly hard to find in this internet blessed world but the only thing I would say that’s difficult is buying things from America where you have to wait weeks for delivery (indie companies, I’m talking about) and risk customs fees. RM charge £8 to open a parcel plus import duty if it costs over $18. Pffft.

What Are Your Most Delicious Beauty Products?
My Elemis goodies like hand cream, marine cleanser and moisturiser and Monoi melt body oil.

More cheapo MUA goodies

What Beauty Product Do You Neglect Due To Laziness?
Concealer, I guess. It’s probably because I’ve never found one that doesn’t make my under-eye wrinkles look as deep as the Mariana Trench. I’d sooner put up with looking like Keith Richards after a bender than looking like Keith Richard's granny after a bender.

What Beauty Product Gives You Most Confidence?
Umm, I think it’s the whole package, but at a push if I have to go out of the house in a hurry, mascara and lip gloss does me fine.

MUA lippies
What Attributes Do You Find Most Attractive In The Opposite Sex?
Nice long hair, a nice smile, a peachy bum, good shoes and a wicked sense of humour.

What Item Would You Most Like To Receive As A Gift?
A savannah cat, a Scottish Fold cat, a big fat make up spending spree and Tom Hardy or Jason Momoa (or both, if I’m being greedy) in ze buff.

Jason Momoa - hubba hubba, come to mama!
 If you want to do this by all means steal away and let me know the link to your post in the comments.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beth Ditto MAC collaboration?!

I just heard a whisper that Beth Ditto from Gossip, plus size divah and awesome chanteuse is doing a collab with MAC.

Excited much?!

I am :) I'm a big fan.

I hope it's a wonderfully colourful collection.

My first ever Carmine box

You may or may not have heard of 'subscription' boxes, whereby you pay a fee (generally £10 + P&P) and get sent a minimum of 5 goodies each month.

There are lots of companies on the market, Carmine - the one I have tried this month - Glossy Box, Feelunique, Boudoir Prive ...am I forgetting anyone?!

It's an inexpensive way to try products out and also learn about companies you'd never heard of.

Anyway, onto the box! This one is £10 plus £2.95 P&P a month and you can cancel any time.

As you can see it's a thick card box. The contents are wrapped up in black tissue and there's red paper shred inside. 

The box itself is a BASTARD to open thanks to the almost unbreakable suction the too-tight lid causes.

It took me about 5 minutes to get the lid off this morning, but I have a technique which (all being well) I will be showing in a video tomorrow. If it stops one person from wanting to hit it with a hammer it'll be worth it. Once I worked out how to get into the bloody thing it only took about 5 seconds to crack it!

Now the contents!


Westlab Himalayan Pink Salts (100g)
 It retails at £4.95 for a kilo.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (full sized)
They retail for £10.

Eldora False Eyelashes B138
They retail for £4.25 here.

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream (10ml)
£19 for 40ml.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (5ml)
£30 for 30ml here.

So, what will I actually use?

I used the fat stick today and it's great. It needs setting with eye shadow on top as it's a creamy consistency but it really adds something. I used it with a gunmetal grey shadow I've used several times and it really changed the look of it as it had a lovely sheen to it. 

I'll definitely use the face oil and moisturiser. The eyelashes I'll use if I can ever master the application...when it comes to putting them on I suddenly develop 10 thumbs. The bath salts are a no no because I don't have baths, but I'll gladly give them to my mum. 

All in all, this was a good first box and the price of the products far exceeds the price I paid for the box.


In doing my research tonight I also discovered Latest In Beauty.

You fill in a couple of dozen questions about your skin, hair and other details when you join and you can buy 3 tester sized products for £1 total!! You get a choice of 3 items from about 20 things which are chosen based on your preferences. I sent a text message to their phone number and the goodies should arrive in a few days. The £1 goes straight onto my mobile phone bill. I've gone for a shampoo & conditioner sample (which counts as one choice), a face serum and a skin peel. You can order once every month. It's a great way to get little bits and bobs to take on holiday if nothing else. I'm assuming they chop and change what items you can order or else if you purchased every month you'd have exhausted your options (as they are now) in 6-7 months. You can also buy bigger samples, called luxury samples (which are more like travel sizes than samples) and they vary in price. You can buy up to 5 of those a month.


Have you heard of subscription boxes?
Have you bought one (or more)?!
Would you be tempted by the £1 box?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My new dressing table

I've ALWAYS wanted a dressing table, ever since I was a small girl.

Finally last week I got one. My aunt gave it to me and I've just finished putting all my make up in it.

I got the cupcake trinket boxes from Wilkinsons before Christmas. The large one was £5 (on sale from £7) and the small ones were £2.50 each. I have 3 of the small ones and one large one.

I got the heart letter racks from Dotcomgiftshop in the sale for £1.95 each. I got 2. I got the paper doilies from Poundland for a pound.....obviously ;)

I got the Keep Calm And Carry On flag tray from the gift shop in my local hospital. I go there so often I may as well spend some £££ there. Just seen below that is a little tea tray with cupcakes and pink trim on which I also got at the hospital. I think the two trays together came to about £3. Bargain!

In the left tray is all my 'every day' kind of make up - mascara, foundation and some eye shadows I want to use more - i.e. Lily Lolo and MAC as they're such good quality. On the right side is all the new make up I haven't talked about/reviewed on here. I don't review many things as it's just my opinion and there are more informed bloggers out there, but if I really love something I'll talk about it.

 Over on the right hand side I'm using a pen pot for all my brushes until I can get something more shabby chic. Then I have some face creams and the Elemis hand cream, which is gorgeous.

And lastly a funky angled shot. 

Do you have a dressing table?

I'll give you a sneak peek in my drawers and trinket pots soon :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm in love with another man...

....one who's very good at make up! 

I came across make up guru Wayne Goss on Nicoletta's blog last week and over the following few days I spent about 8 hours watching his videos (and I'm still not through them all!) 

I'm obsessed! Not only is Wayne easy on the eye, but he has a no-nonsense/no-bullshit approach to make up and gives loads of tips to make your make up application better. Rather than having 'special make up artist secrets', he'll happily tell you which is the good stuff and where to get it.

Who do you love to watch on Youtube?

Other than make up videos, I'm always suckered in by cat videos.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

An evening with Henry Rollins

Last night J and I went to see Henry Rollins give a spoken word performance locally.

For those of you with no time to click the link above, Mr Rollins is a punk rock singer, publishing company owner, actor and tour de force.

It was hard for me to reconcile the grey haired, amiable looking chap wearing smart black trousers and a black t-shirt with the man I've seen pictured in countless rock magazines, spittle foaming and veins bulging, hunched over the microphone. You get a sense of the condition of the man as he animates to illustrate a tale - you can discern the outline of thighs that could crack walnuts, even in this, his 50th year.

Seeing Rollins in the flesh - shame on me, I've never seen him sing - made me feel a little... awkward. He has this stance from spending 30 years looking down a microphone. Back slightly bent, he looks almost like an awkward teenager. He grips the microphone so hard I could see the whites of his knuckles from the 8th row back, but it's us who are in for the thrill tonight.

I knew we were going to laugh last night, and laugh we did. Rollins name checked everyone from George W. Bush and John McCain to Matt Groening and Dennis Hopper. He does a mean accent (especially his Dubya!) and is prone to noisy sound effects that - thanks to the huge stack of speakers either side of him - throw you back in your seat to avoid the blast. He's self-deprecating and humble, and brutally aware how other people view America.

He tells you of his travels and the people he met there. India, New York, North Korea and Vietnam are some of the places he touches upon. Hearing about far-flung places is a joy if you have wanderlust, as I do. He talks circles around us all - literally. He starts off at one point, and 20 minutes or so later he arrives back at his starting point via numerous other hilarious asides and you think 'Ah, yes, that's where we were going.' 

I first glanced at the clock and an hour and 15 minutes had passed. My bladder, which is normally the size of a hamster's, slammed shut and told me 'Nah-uh bitch, you're not missing a second of this.' 

Mr R actually spoke for 2 and a half hours, and it felt like mere minutes. I dread to think what would've happened had this man not discovered his talent with words. In his summarising couple of paragraphs, we got to see the real Henry Rollins, and you see that all the comedy is there to mask the giant heart of the man. 

As he finished up (and I'll paraphrase this) he told us Governments don't want us to travel. If we travel, we meet the people on the 'don't go to' country lists our Governments tell us are terrible and dangerous, and we see they are filled with lovely, good people just like you and I. They don't want us to see that, because they want us to buy into the 'They are all evil' bullshit so they can undertake their fake wars. He told us that's why he does this - travels to places and comes to tell people about it, so we can know what he knows. But better - he tells us to go out there and experience it for ourselves.

And then, whilst your face and ribs still hurt from the sum of previous laughter, he's gone from the stage, the lights go out, and you realise THIS is where we were going all evening. Rather than feeling we've come to this point of enlightenment via subterfuge, we realise the rest is all distraction. Rollins is a master wordsmith and the previous 2 and a half hours were nothing but education via laughter so we could come to this point and see he is right. And he is. He didn't get to see his standing ovation, but it led me to believe he touched others the way he touched me. (Man, that sounds so wrong!)

As we all spilled out into the cold winter night, I couldn't help but think we'd all seen something wonderful and - dare I say it - life-changing.

I can't help but look at life through different glasses - it has been a bit of well-needed perspective about what really matters in life. If you ever get the chance to see Henry Rollins speak, for God's sake (or any other deity you choose) get yourself some tickets.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

366 - Week One

Oops, I just realised I hadn't posted ANY 366 photos here yet and here we are more than halfway through January already! 

Jan 1st

Some of our Christmas cards and J's birthday cards (left)
 Jan 2nd

We went to Argos to get me a blender and did the weekly shop
 Jan 3rd

The postie brought me goodies
 Jan 4th

First smoothie on my new plan and some perfume samples from a lovely Facebook friend
 Jan 5th

My juicing book came and I'm giving some books, mugs and glasses to charity

 I'm following the 366 of giving away as well as the photo 366. I have way too much stuff and I think the amount of stuff I've already set aside probably sees me through until about March ;)

Basically you set up a box to put everything in and every day you put something in it you no longer like or need (or do it in spurts like I do). At the end of the year (or when you look through stuff before you take it down the charity shop) you'll see all this crap you'd forgotten about and you'll probably realise you no longer have an emotional attachment to it. You can give stuff to charity, give things to friends, recycle stuff and throw it out if it's old and knackered. I think it's a great thing to do and I look forwarding to finding more clutter to get rid of! EDIT - SEPT 2012 - so far I've given away 6 bin bags full of stuff to charity.

 Jan 6th

Another book arrived, a gorgeous sunset and some of my many Barry M shadow pots
 Jan 7th

We went to see Mission Impossible at the cinema and I got a very upsetting letter

I debated blogging about the letter I got but in the photo above but decided not to be a Debbie Downer. However, as it's in this photo I feel I need to say why, especially as you can see I tore it in half.

Many of you know I lost my (second) baby last January. There have been numerous deliveries since from baby clubs I had signed up to when I was pregnant. I unsubscribed from all of them but still the crap comes, but this letter was the first time it became blatantly obvious someone sold on my details (and I have a pretty good idea who, the fuckers!). Hence I got this letter inviting me to a photoshoot with my baby.

Oh, yes they di-iid.

Bad timing, but I'll live.

(By the way, the film was GREAT! Go see it!)

Anyway, onwards and upwards! This is going to be a GREAT year!

If you're doing the photo 366 link me up so I can see.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Anything worth doing is worth doing well

Sometimes in life we face disappointments. Some small, some large.

Two recent disappointments of mine were realising I could neither sing that well nor apply make up that well, and previously I'd thought I could. I've relegated singing to shower time but I haven't given up on this make up lark.

I have pledged to practice, practice, practice.

Today my make up turned out really well, and that made me feel much better because I put a lot of effort into it. This is made all the sweeter by fucking up my make up on Thursday so badly I threw a sulk and drew a noughts and crosses grid on my face and scribbled all over my cheeks with gold eye liner and red lip liner ;) ;)

I always like to include a comedy shot, like this one where I look like I'm catching flies

Nice camera reflection in this one

This shot is made a bit 'foggy' by sunlight

I love the colour of my hair in this light

Typical fat gurl angle shot



The Golden Hour makes my skin look wonderful!
Now I need to get more adventurous about taking my shadow up higher. Because my eyes are soo hooded, by the time I've got to the part where you can see it with my lids up, it already feels like I've put SO much make up on.

Perseverance is so worth it :)

What do you have to work at?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Almost poetically sad

There's sad and then there's beat-your-breast-whilst-reciting-Byron-sad.

OK, so I'm not *that* sad but I am pretty low.
I think if not for organising the wedding I'd collapse into a messy heap.

It's a mixture of things - it's been a stressful few months of wedding planning, feuds, Christmas and the busiest period of business we've ever had.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of losing the baby and kind of as expected, it wasn't an occasion full of joy and laughter. I'm not going to keep banging on about it. I'm not the first person to lose a baby or two and I won't be the last, but it has affected me. 

So this is just a head's up to say I'm still alive. I'm sleeping for 12 hours a day, I'm off my food and I have a washing up mountain on a par with the Alps, but I'll live. I'm on autopilot, merely existing, but it'll get better. It has to :)

When I return I should have lots of wedding related things to show you as there are 11 weeks to the wedding now and everything needs to be kicked into high gear.

Back soon.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Today is day 4 of the smoothie thang and I feel good!

I had eff all sleep.............OMG.................I forgot to say.

I ordered my wedding dress last night!!
(if I could make that sentence into a gif which flashed 18 different colours I so would!)
That's why I had eff all sleep - I was too excited! But it doesn't matter about the poopy sleep because within half an hour of having my smoothie I felt BRILLIANT! 

And the funny thing was I didn't even realise I felt brilliant until I realised I'd cleared out the boiler cupboard, done some washing, filled 2 bin bags with books and a box full of mugs and glasses for the charity shop. I was just buzzy, buzzy, buzzy.

I'm convinced putting so many goodies into my body early in my day is having a great effect.....either that or I'm just some mad Spring-cleaning freak, but either way it's all good.

My juice and smoothie book came today and it lives up to its name.

Note the 12 inch ruler down the side....it's a BIG book :)

It's brilliant. The recipes are clustered by ingredients, i.e. all apple recipes together, and you can search by ingredients in the index, too. There's also a section on ailments, so if you have IBS for example, you can search for recipes to help yourself get better. All in all, it's £7 well spent! It's not just fruit and veg, there are recipes with spirulina in which I'm keen to get into, and loads with ginger in, which I love. Those are just 2 examples. 

I'm going to turn into a total bore about this (if I haven't already!) but it's so good to take my health into my own hands.


I'm trying another perfume out today as a possible wedding fragrance. It's Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has A Gun (their website is really fun).

 It's nice, just not very me. Too girlie. It has notes of Italian rose, vanilla and patchouli. So far Ambre et Vanille is the frontrunner to be on my bod as I stumble walk down the aisle. (I will be wearing heels, yanno!)

Guess what?

It's Friday tomorrow!

What are you up to this weekend?

We're going to see Mission Impossible Ghost protocol.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The future is bright (but not orange)

I don't want to be an Oompa Loompa! No orange for me :)

I've had a couple of very good days and just wanted to share. I'm still full of cold/virus, or whatever it is, but I'm feeling a lot better than I was last week. So what's good? 


Today is day 3 of my juicer/smoothie plan and I feel good for it. My hideous IBS bloat has already gone down considerably and I've only been a little more hungry than usual. 

Today I had about 25g of porridge, 2 bananas, a handful of blueberries, an egg white, a teaspoon of solidified coconut oil (good fat), a little bit of honey and a massive handful of spinach in some soya milk. 

It looks disgusting but it was delicious. Thankfully the spinach is virtually tasteless. Knowing I'm putting so many good things into myself makes me feel really good. Dieting is all about restriction, so I'm attacking things from a different angle - from the basis of empowerment. It's much better to concentrate on the things I CAN do rather than beat myself up for the things I FAIL at (like dieting). I'm going to experiment with loads of different recipes to ensure I get the best nutrition. I'm doing it purely for health but if I lose weight then I'll be thrilled.


A lovely perfumista friend on Facebook sent me some perfume samples to help me choose a wedding perfume. I've been thinking about perfume a lot recently and have been on Fragrantica.com most evenings recently looking at perfumes. It's a site where people review and talk about perfumes. You can search by 'notes' you love - like my beloved vetiver - to find more scents you'll like or search by a perfume company. It's only in the last 6 months or so that I've started to get an idea of the notes I really like and therefore know what I'll like just by reading about it. One of the samples Anna sent me was Ambre et Vanille by E.Coudray.

It's gorgeous, totally gorgeous! I can't stop smelling myself. It's a hug in a bottle, warm and welcoming. I can't help but smile thinking I'll be buying my wedding perfume from the same company Kate Middleton got her wedding perfume from ;) ;)

Top notes are orange, ylang-ylang, bergamot and bitter orange; middle notes are orris, tonka bean, cinnamon and heliotrope; base notes are patchouli and vanilla. 

This might be the one for the wedding, but I have 6 more testers to try. At the very least I've found a gorgeous perfume I'll love for life.  Hmmmmm *sniffs self again*


I won a competition from the lovely Sabrina at A Little Obsessed to win a bunch of  Caudalie skin care items worth £122! The PR from Caudalie chose me to win as I said I would use the items to make myself more radiant for the wedding. I'm very chuffed as I want to look ravishing for the big day. There are 5 different goodies like 2 different moisturisers and a face mask.

So far this year is shaping up great!
I hope you're having a wonderful week :)
What's new with you?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Berry red OOTD

Hello little senoritas! (and the odd senor!)

Today is the last day I have my hot photographer J around so I had to make the most of it and get him to do my OOTD pics :) Maybe I'll use the tripod and the timer on the camera from now on. That's the only bar to me posting more pics.

Top £12 in the Yours Clothing sale.
I cocked my make up again today. Oh dear. I've lost the tiny amount of mojo I had. I'll persevere!

See how curly my hair is on the right side of the picture? The weft of hair behind each ear grows really curly. The rest of my hair is wavy. I should straighten it more often. Maybe that should be a resolution ;)
I've put this shot in so you can see the tattoo on my boob. It's not very often shown. Look how long my eyelashes are too :)
 The make up I did was blue (again) and a greyish black but my blending sucks needs work. In the photo below I've (badly) airbrushed to make my skin look better and have lightened my eyes.

It's a Bank Holiday today in the UK so if you had the day off I hope you had a good one!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year things - Photo 365, declutter and new me!

Good afternoon lovelies!

Being full of new year cheer is hard today as it's been tipping down with rain ALL day. The sky is grey, the sea and the horizon blend into one big grey mess and it's cold.


I haz plans for this year, so it's going to take more than pissin' rain to err...piss on my parade.

I've started photographic 365's before. Last year it lasted all of a week and a bit, until I lost the baby, and then I lost my interest. This year I'm sticking at it, as I've bought a 365 digital scrapbook set for use with Photoshop. I don't actually know how to use Photoshop yet as I use Paint Shop Pro for everything business and personal, but I'm sure some of it must be similar (or at least, I hope so! Ha!)

I'm going to do a weekly round up of shots every Sunday as daily 365 posts just bore people silly.


Earlier today I was reading Bugs and Fishes' blog about her idea of a  365 of de-cluttering.

What can I say except 'utter genius'? The idea is you try to get rid of a thing a day wherever possible. Just put whatever it is in a box out of sight, and at the end of the year you have a huge box of stuff to donate to charity, to give to friends, to recycle or to throw away if it's damaged or broken. Personally, I won't last a year before taking stuff down to the charity shop as once I've made my mind up I just want things gone.

I have to say...

I. have. too. much. stuff.

Yes bookcase, I'm looking at you. 
And you, cutlery drawer.
I'm giving my glassware cupboard side-eyes too. 

I'm designating a box and I'm going to be putting stuff in it. Oh yes.


2 books I have bought that *might* just change my life:

I've been thinking about a juice/smoothie detox for some time. I know I eat all the wrong things. No matter how hard I try, I can't eat all the fruit and veg I need to without feeling like a rabbit, and one with sore jaws at that. Juicing makes complete sense. I need to lose a lot of weight, and I've heard great things about juicing for weight loss, and for minimising excess skin, which is a major concern for me. 

Aside from the weight loss aspect, I've been thinking about food from a holistic angle. I read a story a couple of weeks ago about a guy with a debilitating autoimmune diseases in the States who went on a juice diet and lost a huge amount of weight and helped heal himself. You can read about it over at Fat sick and nearly dead to see if you're convinced. 

To further strengthen my resolve I read an article today about the book Eat Yourself Young, which has loads of foods to avoid and foods to eat if you want to look and feel younger than you are. The principle is it's not your age that makes you feel old, it's what you eat.

Whatever your plans in 2012, I wish you every success in them!

What have you got planned for this year?

Happy New Year to YOU!

New Year always leaves me in a reflective mood.

Years ago it was because I was very unhappy with my life, my job, my prospects, etc. The love of a good man changes all :) These days I'm disabled and don't work, and I'm as happy as proverbial Larry! I now know that self-worth and self-esteem come from within, whereas I used to beat myself up for not being a nuclear physicist or brain surgeon.

It's nearly a year since I lost my baby and had a shake-up about my mortality, and if this last year has proved anything (other than how WONDERFUL it is still to be alive!) it's that a year isn't really that long at all. We get a limited amount of years to make our mark.

I wish you 12 months in which you make your mark!
(in whichever way is important to you)

2012 is the year I get married, so it's already shaping up to be amazing!

I hope in another 12 months I can look back on this blog entry and say 'Yes, 2012 was the beginning of something awesome!'

The year is full of possibility and opportunity. Isn't it exciting?!

What have you got planned for 2012?

Source: www.dreamthisday.com