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Love Every Body is a monthly body positivity workshop FOR ALL BODY SIZES where we will attempt to slowly chip away at the body snark which permeates the media, water cooler conversations at work, and so many of women's thoughts.  

It's not our fault. We have become accustomed to being in a state of apology for our bodies, often from very young ages. We grow up expecting to have our bodies policed by others, and as such the ownership of our bodies falls out of our hands. It's time to claim it back and tell anyone who thinks they have the right to judge us to FUCK OFF.

Rather than trying to turn around decades of of negative thoughts and judgements about our own and (other women's bodies) overnight, I propose we break the body down into areas to concentrate on for a month at a time. I don't just want to talk about the aesthetic aspects of our bodies, but all the good things they do which we may not take into account when we 'value' them. We're so accustomed to beating ourselves up for not looking like Miranda bloody Kerr that we forget all the amazing things our bodies do which are equally as important and joyful as the way we look, if not more so.

If we can learn to look at our bodies in a new way - by shutting out negative thoughts and only concentrating on the great things about us - I believe we can raise our self esteem and start to think more kindly, not only towards ourselves, but toward other women too.

Instead of concentrating on arms which flap when we wave, think more about how lovely they are when they hug people. Instead of thinking about slightly-less-pert boobs, be thankful you were able to nourish a child with them. Instead of thinking how fat your bum is, remember it makes it a comfortable cushion to sit on. :)

Of course we ALL have many beautiful things about us aesthetically, and it's entirely right and healthy to take those into account too, so go hog wild with that on each monthly assignment. Vanity is a huge part of self care and self esteem, so tell us what you love! Don't be shy. But if you're having a hard time finding something aesthetically beautiful about yourself, look a little deeper, and you'll find something amazing to tide you over until you CAN see the physical beauty in yourself. Let the other people in this community lift you up. We will be your cheerleaders until you get used to seeing how gorgeous you are.

Email me to register: & for any questions - you can begin participation at any time.

We publish on the first Sunday of every month.

Some useful links:
Body Love, are you in? - the first thoughts behind Love EVERY Body

December 2013 Assignment #1 - Letter to our body

Some thoughts after assignment #1

January 2014 Assignment #2 - Everything above the neck

About Love EVERY Body #3 - video

Love EVERY Body #3 shoulders, arms and hands

Love EVERY Body #4 Chest
Love EVERY Body #5 Tum/waist

Love EVERY Body #6 - Bum

Love EVERY Body #7 - Legs and feet 
      Past assignments:

      Dec 2013 Assignment 1 - I'd like you to write a letter to your body, acknowledging the things you've been through together. For example: What accidents and illnesses have you had? Do you have scars, tattoos? Have you been operated on? What have you been through in your body, good and bad? What highs and lows have there been? Does your body make you feel happy, sad, disappointed? Do you feel at one with your body or is it the enemy? What parts do you like and dislike? What parts do you want to work on being happier with? These are just suggestions. Make your post your own and feel free to add photos, art, a poem, or any other creative endeavour.

      Jan 2014 Assignment #2 - From the neck up. Talk about everything north of the neck and all it encompasses - face shape, facial features, voice, freckles, dimples, teeth, hair, and also our brains, the things that make us US. What do you love about this area of your body? What are you complimented on most?

      Feb 2014 Assignment #3 - Arms, shoulders & hands (Think of the things you can do with your arms - hug people/cook/lift your kids etc etc - as well as the physical attributes like strength, softness etc.) Feel free to include photos of tattoos, freckles, stretch marks, or anything else you want to share with us.

      March 2014 Assignment #4 - Chest/boobs. Are you happy with your chest/boobs? Maybe you've had surgery (mastectomy/boob job.) Maybe you feel your boobs are too big or too small, or less than perky from breast feeding, but they're perfect as they are. I don't expect naked boobie shots, but I might put a photo in of my cleavage!

      Sunday 6th April 2014 Assignment #5 - Stomach/waist. How do you feel about your stomach/tummy? Maybe it bears the marks of carrying a child. Maybe it looks different than it did years ago. Maybe an operation scar has changed the way you feel about it. For many people this is one of the areas we most dislike, so I don't doubt this month's assignment will be difficult, for myself included.

      May 2014 Assignment #6 - Bum. How do you feel about your butt? Is it muscled or squidgy? Do you have a freckled tush or maybe a tattooed one? Do you have junk in the trunk or a flat 'un? Add ohotos if you dare or draw it, or perhaps write a poem.

      June 2014 Assignment #7 - Legs & feet. What's going on in your lower limbs? Do you love your thighs, or wish they were bigger/smaller? Do you have knobbly knees, muscled calves, tattooed or scarred shins? How do you feel about your feet? Are they dainty and as soft as a baby's, or like a cave troll's? (That'll be me with the latter!) Do you have full use of your legs? What great things have you been able to do, where have your legs taken you? Due Sunday June 1st.

      Future assignments:

      July 2014 Assignment #8 - Skin. How do you feel about your skin as a whole? Is it soft, rough, or does it vary from area to area? Are you scarred, burned, tattooed, freckled, or do you have age spots anywhere? Are you wrinkly anywhere, and if so how do you feel about that? What about the non-aesthetic aspects. Think about your skin as a sensory organ - all the pleasure it provides.

      August 2014 Assignment #9 - Write another letter to your body noting any differences in the way you feel about now compared to how you did 9 months ago. Has doing this course made you feel any happier about yourself? Has the support from the community helped you? Would you say you feel more confident now, or is there nothing you've tried (yet) which has made you feel better about yourself? What have you learned about yourself, and others?

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